A quick recap of Ivanti Interchange Unplugged Utrecht

Yesterday, the 19th of April, the first Ivanti Interchange Unplugged was held in the Netherlands. The Interchange Unplugged event was held in Utrecht and it was a beautiful sunny day to soak up a lot of knowledge. During the Interchange events (there are multiple world wide) Ivanti shares their vision on IT (Unified IT) and how the Ivanti product range can help you unify and

The SBC/ VDI Profile Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered which profile solution fits the best with your SBC/ VDI environment? With this SBC/ VDI Profile Cheat Sheet you can easily compare the different types and vendors of profile solution. So you can figure out for yourself which one will best fit your, and the end users, needs. Click here to download the .PDF I hope this was informative. For questions or comments

Scan Spectre and Meltdown Compliancy with Ivanti/ RES Automation

A few days ago (3th of January 2018) it was released that there are two structural flaws in the design of Intel, AMD and ARM cpu’s which can lead to security issues. The flaws are called Spectre and Meltdown. Read more about how they work here on the nytimes website. Since then Microsoft has released a great PowerShell script to scan if your system has been

Why you should use FSlogix Office 365 Containers and how to use them with Ivanti / RES ONE Workspace

These days we live in a non-persistent (RDS,VDI) workspace world. Devices run from one Golden Image and user data is saved in roaming, streamed or hybrid profiles. This has a lot of benefits, especially in the amount of management that needs to be done. But it comes with a big withdrawal and that is managing Microsoft Office 365 cache. In this blog I will explain

Download The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide!

As you might have noticed I recently released three blog parts of The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide check, them out here: Part 1 – Preparation – Citrix Provisioning Services and Ivanti/RES ONE Automation Part 2 – Deploying software – Ivanti / RES ONE software, Citrix VDA, Citrix PVS Target Device and Middleware Part 3 – Optimzing/Sealing and Imaging vDisk – BIS-F sealing script and