Create a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure through self-service with Ivanti / RES ONE Identity Director

In this blog I will explain how to setup Ivanti / RES ONE Identity Director to connect to Microsoft Azure. This combo makes it possible for end users to request a new Virtual Machine as a Service, which can be handy and save a lot of time for the system administrator. For example, when a company acquires a new application often it requires new application

Automate the creation of an Isolated Test Environment in VMware and XenServer with Ivanti\RES ONE Automation

Ever wanted to test an Active Directory Schema update or an entire chain of applications before and after a major update? You can do this with an Isolated Test Environment. But creating these environments can be time consuming work. So why not automate the creation of it and just schedule it? In this blog I will explain how to do this with RES ONE Automation.

RES ONE Enterprise v10.1 is released, what’s new? And RES is acquired by Ivanti!

RES is acquired by Ivanti! Ivanti is the owner of Appsence and has done 10 acquisitions in the last 5 years.  But they lack a real strong automation product with connectors to third party software. Now that they acquired RES they have RES ONE Automation in their product range, the strong automata with connectors to third party software and with the launch of the RES hub

Sync RES ONE Workspace from production to test environment package

Ever wanted to create a RES ONE Workspace test environment from your production environment with one click ? Or just want to keep your test environment in sync with your production automatically? Now you can! I created a package (runbook) which works in RES ONE Automation to do this. Download the package here from the RES Hub. After downloading the package from the Hub you