Free XenServer VM’s Backup Tool and PowerShell Script!

Recently I wrote a blog about XenServer and Powershell commands this blog was also published on the Citrix Blog site here. With those commands in hand I wanted to create something that can be used by everyone who uses Citrix XenServer. To mind came a PowerShell VM Backup Script (invoke-XenBackup) and a PowerShell Forms GUI tool to also schedule your Backup of XenServer VM’s. The

Why you should use FSlogix Office 365 Containers and how to use them with Ivanti / RES ONE Workspace

These days we live in a non-persistent (RDS,VDI) workspace world. Devices run from one Golden Image and user data is saved in roaming, streamed or hybrid profiles. This has a lot of benefits, especially in the amount of management that needs to be done. But it comes with a big withdrawal and that is managing Microsoft Office 365 cache. In this blog I will explain

Scripting Citrix XenServer with PowerShell and Command Line

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about scripting Citrix PVS. In this blog I will show the most popular commands for Citrix XenServer so that you can use them in your Automation Workflow. Because as always; AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! Citrix XenServer is Linux based so in the command line you can use Linux commands like ls-l or mount. But it also has its own command

Scripting Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) with PowerShell and Command Line

In the Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide I wrote about creating a new Citrix Provisioning vDisk with MCLI command line. But you can of course also do this with PowerShell and there are a lot more commands to use. So in this blog I will show the most popular Citrix Provisioning commands in MCLI command line and PowerShell. I hope this will help you to