A new career challenge, RawWorks!

Per the first of November, I’m starting a new job as Technology Officer at RawWorks. In this blog I want to talk about what I’m going to do at RawWorks, what RawWorks stands for and how my time at Detron was.


Let’s start and talk about the job that I’m leaving, Principal Consultant at Detron. I started at Detron as a normal consultant 3,5 years ago. In that time, I grew from consultant to senior consultant and finally principal consultant. But I did not only grow in the title. I had a massive growth in knowledge. This is because Detron allowed me to follow a lot of training and knowledge sessions. Detron has also always fully supported my blogging and traveling around the globe to great events like Synergy and E2EVC. I am leaving Detron but I’m extremely thankful for all the opportunities Detron has given me. And I wish everyone who I leave behind the best!

A new opportunity, RawWorks!

RawWorks is a startup company that now exists since 2019. We have 10 employees and another 15 self-employed people who work with us. RawWorks is created with IT-specialist, not on IT-specialist. The goal of RawWorks is delivering IT consulting as a partner. RawWorks wants to do this with small multi-disciplinary teams (squads) for each sector. And working together with these sectors so that IT helps the sector. Besides that RawWorks wants to create products and services. We want to do this by leveraging cutting edge (cloud) technologies like the Intelligent Workspace, Automation Flows, Infrastructure as Code, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, etc. The goal is to help clients work more efficiently so that they can focus more on their business. For more information also see our website https://RawWorks.nl or send me an email at chris.twiest@rawworks.nl

My role

I will be working as Technology Officer at RawWorks. It’s my job to help create the technical vision on our products and services. I do this by being responsible for RawWorks R&D and meetups and talks. I will also visit a lot of events to get market insides and stay on top of new technologies. So, if you see me at an event please come up to me and lets discuss new technologies! At RawWorks I will also work directly with customers helping them with strategic and technical visions and plans for End User Computing (EUC). I will also be available for consulting jobs, feel free to send an email to linda.de.ridder@rawworks.nl if you think you can use my help. For instance, with architecture, cloud, Citrix, FSlogix, WVD, Scripting, Ivanti, Automation, PowerShell, RES, UEM, EUC questions.

I’m really excited about this new challenge/opportunity! And can’t wait to make it into something great and I hope I can help a lot of people!