Use OneDrive Client on RDSH or XenApp with FSLogix and PowerShell (IWC/ROW Building Block included)

You might notice there is no OneDrive client in Windows Server 2016. After installing Office ProPlus, you do get the OneDrive for Business client but that client isn’t as feature rich as the normal OneDrive client. But luckily we can download the normal OneDrive client from Microsoft website here. Now we run into the next problem; the OneDrive client will install itself into the user

The SBC/ VDI Profile Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered which profile solution fits the best with your SBC/ VDI environment? With this SBC/ VDI Profile Cheat Sheet you can easily compare the different types and vendors of profile solution. So you can figure out for yourself which one will best fit your, and the end users, needs. Click here to download the .PDF I hope this was informative. For questions or comments

Why you should use FSlogix Office 365 Containers and how to use them with Ivanti / RES ONE Workspace

These days we live in a non-persistent (RDS,VDI) workspace world. Devices run from one Golden Image and user data is saved in roaming, streamed or hybrid profiles. This has a lot of benefits, especially in the amount of management that needs to be done. But it comes with a big withdrawal and that is managing Microsoft Office 365 cache. In this blog I will explain

Creating a Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 XenDesktop VDI managed by Ivanti/RES ONE Workspace

Recently I have created a Windows 10 Creators update (1703) non presistend XenDesktop VDI system. Windows 10 CU 1703 has a few complications when it’s used as a VDI OS, especially with the start menu and profile. I will try to tackle them all in this blog. First we need the following things: BIS-F Sealing Script by Login Consultants VMware OS Optimization tool Profile Update

RES ONE Enterprise v10.1 is released, what’s new? And RES is acquired by Ivanti!

RES is acquired by Ivanti! Ivanti is the owner of Appsence and has done 10 acquisitions in the last 5 years.  But they lack a real strong automation product with connectors to third party software. Now that they acquired RES they have RES ONE Automation in their product range, the strong automator with connectors to third party software and with the launch of the RES hub

Sync RES ONE Workspace from production to test environment package

Ever wanted to create a RES ONE Workspace test environment from your production environment with one click ? Or just want to keep your test environment in sync with your production automatically? Now you can! I created a package (runbook) which works in RES ONE Automation to do this. Download the package here from the Ivanti MarketPlace. After downloading the package from the Hub you