Scan Spectre and Meltdown Compliancy with Ivanti/ RES Automation

A few days ago (3th of January 2018) it was released that there are two structural flaws in the design of Intel, AMD and ARM cpu’s which can lead to security issues. The flaws are called Spectre and Meltdown. Read more about how they work here on the nytimes website. Since then Microsoft has released a great PowerShell script to scan if your system has been affected by Meltdown or Spectre which you can download here.

I created a small Ivanti / RES Automation Building Block module which will install the  Speculation Control PowerShell module and perform the compliance scan.

After running the module on an agent you can see the scan results in the Console Output Tab.

Now you can easily check all your systems that have an Automation Agent running on it.

Click here to download the Building Block

Also, check out this great article by Chris Jeucken on how you can deploy the Spectre and Meltdown patches automatically with Ivanti / RES Automation here.

After patching your systems you can now use LoginVSI for free till end of march to measure performance impact!

I hope this was informative. For questions or comments you can always give a reaction in the comment section or contact me: