Cache Office 365 Outlook with Ivanti Workspace Control/ RES ONE Workspace in non-persistent environments, Building Blocks included!

As many of you know, using Office 365 Exchange Online in a non-persistent environment like Citrix XenApp can be really difficult. Because the Exchange server is in the cloud, connection to the mailbox and searching through mail is really slow. An easy way to fix this is to use an Outlook Cache file (OST). This will make a local copy of your email box in

Liquidware ProfileUnity Printer Tools import from Active Directory and RES Workspace

Liquidware ProfileUnity lets you manage which printers users get in their session. This is really handy because users don’t have to find and add printers on the network themselves. And with context aware filters you can make sure they get the correct printer for every situation. But what if you have a lot of printers in your active directory or RES Workspace already and you’re

Scan Spectre and Meltdown Compliancy with Ivanti/ RES Automation

A few days ago (3th of January 2018) it was released that there are two structural flaws in the design of Intel, AMD and ARM cpu’s which can lead to security issues. The flaws are called Spectre and Meltdown. Read more about how they work here on the nytimes website. Since then Microsoft has released a great PowerShell script to scan if your system has been

Download The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide!

VERSION 2.0 IS OUT OF THE GUIDE ! CLICK HERE. As you might have noticed I recently released three blog parts of The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide check, them out here: Part 1 – Preparation – Citrix Provisioning Services and Ivanti/RES ONE Automation Part 2 – Deploying software – Ivanti / RES ONE software, Citrix VDA, Citrix PVS Target Device and Middleware Part 3

The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide – Part 1 Preparation – Citrix PVS and Ivanti / RES ONE Automation

As you may know I am a huge fan of automating as much as possible and recently I have been really busy with completely automating the Golden Image process with ivanti RES ONE Automation. The goal is to create a new Golden Image by scheduling just one deployment Run book without extra manual tasks. This Guide will be in three parts, the first part is Preparation