Using App-V 5 with Citrix PVS and pre-staging registry (PowerShell and Tool)

Recently while working at a customer I was tasked with creating a solution to make sure that when users login to their Citrix sessions the App-V applications are synced and the registry is staged.  For the users Citrix sessions provisioned XenApp servers are used. This means that after every reboot the PVS cache will be emptied and the system drive will again be as it was

The RES Cheat Sheet 2017

Ever wonder what a Run book is or what zero profile is? Well, now you have one place with answers to all your questions! I have created a RES Cheat Sheet. In this sheet you will find a simple description of all RES products and product terms. Knowing these terms and what they mean will hopefully help you to create better technical designs or to engage more

All you need to know about the new RES ONE Version 10 releases

The new major release of RES ONE products is out! Here is everyting you need to know about Version 10 : General RES ONE Suite is renamed to RES ONE Enterprise RES ONE Service Store is renamed to RES ONE Identity Director RES will no longer use the year in their products. So RES ONE Workspace 2016 will now be called RES ONE Workspace v10.

RES ONE SQL migration

Recently I had to move all my RES ONE datastores to a new SQL server. Here are the migration processes for the following RES ONE products: RES ONE Workspace RES ONE Workspace Relay Server RES ONE Service Store/ Identity Director RES ONE Automation RES ONE Workspace Datastore RES ONE Workspace is the easiest product to migrate because the migration feature is built-in. Go to Setup

Create a user/maintenance notification in RES ONE Workspace

In this blog I will be creating an application that generates a notification to the users when they log on. The great thing about making this in RES ONE Workspace (ROW) is that you can use Access control. Because of Access control we can filter to whom, where and when the notification is displayed. First, create a new application and fill in the application Title.