10 thoughts on “OPTIMIZERS: VMware VS Citrix!

  1. Hello Chris,

    First of all, really awesome blog post! One small Citrix Optimizer feature that is missing in your list (and can actually provide remote analyze capabilities, among other things) is integration with Smart Tools. Optimizer checks are included in Smart Check now, which is especially useful if you have a farm of standalone XenApp servers.

    I agree that ability to download/share other templates is very important and it’s actually going to be our focus for the next version. The vision behind Optimizer has always been to build a community-driven framework and we are planning to keep working on this vision in the upcoming releases.

    Thanks for your great work!
    Martin and Team Optimizer

    1. Thanks for sharing! Awesome that it now also part of smart checks in Citrix Cloud is! You guys did a great job with the tool!

      *Changed the post accordingly.

  2. Great article, thanks for sharing your results.
    In another layer, tools like WEM could add performance improvements results beyond OS Optimizations.

    I would love to try both of them to make my users productive and happy!

    1. Yeah thats right I think that CPU optimization and RAM optimization from Ivanti / RES ONE Workspace will also make a big difference. Maybe a blog for the future 😉

  3. Hi, and thanks for a great article! I have run Citrix Optimizer in a XenApp 7.15 Windows Server 2012 R2 RDS-host environment, and discovered that two essential services for running App-V 5 Client is disabled: Network List Service and Network Location Awareness. Just to hopefully save others unneccessary hedache 🙂 Didn’t take long to figure i\out, but still…

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