Create new Citrix Provisioning target devices, including VMware VM’s, DHCP reservation and AD accounts from a CSV file with PowerShell

As you may know my motto is; Automate Everything. So when a costumer asked me to create almost 100 Citrix Provisioning Services Target Devices with a correlation between MAC and IP address I thought to myself;  let’s create a PowerShell script!’ The goal of the script: Read data from a CSV file (see sample file) with the Hostname, IP Production network, MAC Production network, IP PVS

The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide – Part 3 Optimizing, Sealing and Imaging vDisk – BIS-F Sealing Script, VMware OS Optimization and more Citrix PVS

Welcome to the third and last part of the Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide. The goal is still to create a new Golden Image by scheduling just one deployment Run book without extra manual tasks.  This Guide will be in three parts, the first part is Preparation – Citrix Provisioning Services and Ivanti/RES ONE Automation. The second part is Deploying software – Ivanti / RES ONE software,

Automate the creation of an Isolated Test Environment in VMware and XenServer with Ivanti\RES ONE Automation

Ever wanted to test an Active Directory Schema update or an entire chain of applications before and after a major update? You can do this with an Isolated Test Environment. But creating these environments can be time consuming work. So why not automate the creation of it and just schedule it? In this blog I will explain how to do this with RES ONE Automation.