Free Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Management Tool

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As Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rdp iconyou might know Microsoft recently has released the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) technical preview. The technical preview works great but it lacks a management tool. The only way to manage your WVD technical preview environment is with PowerShell. Well, not any more ! I have created a small tool which will allow you to manage the Users and App Groups. The tool can do the following things:

  • Install the new PowerShell management module
  • See active sessions
  • Logoff active sessions
  • Send message to active sessions
  • Create and Delete App groups
  • Add and Remove users from App Groups
  • Add and Remove applications from App groups



Video Tutorial:

System requirement’s:

Known Issues

  • The first time starting the tool can take a few minutes to pop up. This is because the correct PowerShell modules are installed.
  • Sometimes it looks like the tool is “hanging”. This is because the Microsoft WVD back-end sometimes takes a long time to respond. This issue is also noticable when managing with PowerShell.


I hope this was informative. For questions or comments you can always give a reaction in the comment section or contact me: