RES ONE + PowerShell | RES ONE Workspace Application License counter

The script in this blog is created with Nico van der Stok (PowerShell Guru). Check out his blog at:

ROW License counter script

This script will do the following.
-Create a building block of all applications in ROW.
-Reads the XML to memory
-Looks at all AD security groups that are configured per application.
-Looks at all users in the AD security groups.
-Compares all users to look for doubles.
-Checks if the users are in the right OU (phase in / phase out).
-Then counts all unique users in the right OU.
-Creates a CSV with how many users can start an application.

By knowing how many users can start the application you need to know how many licenses you need to have. I created a RES ONE Automation module for this script.
Download the module here: Download

IMPORTANT: The account that will execute the script must have admin rights in ROW, the machine on which this script is run must have ROW Console installed and ofcourse ROA agent.

The module has the following parameters:

Fill in the path at OutputPath where the CSV will be created.
Fill in the Active directory domain name  at Domain name without the .local / .com etc..
Fill in the OU you want to count  at Active Users. If you want to count all users then leave this empty.
The result is as followed:

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