RES ONE + PowerShell | RES ONE Workspace daily Back-up script

This function is part of the RES ONE Workspace Toolkit download it here:

Daily back-up script for RES ONE Workspace

This script will create a back-up folder with the date. Then the script will make building blocks of all RES ONE Workspace items and place them in the back-up folder.  After that, the folder will be zipped. By scheduling the script, or RES ONE Automation module, every day you will create a daily back-up of ROW. I would still recommend to also make an SQL back-up of the datastore. The benefit of this script is the ability to restore only one item like an application.
I created a RES ONE Automation module building block with the script in it, download here:Download
The only parameter that needs to be filled in is the export path. For example \\domain.local\dfsroot$\backups\RES or C:\Backup\RES

IMPORTANT: The module most be run with an account that has full admin rights in ROW and must have writing rights on the backup path. It also must be run on a machine (Agent) that has ROW console installed.

If there is no ROA in the environment you can use the PowerShell script below. By using Windows task scheduler you can plan it daily.

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