The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide VERSION 2.0

About a year ago I released “The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide” and since then I had the chance to implement the runbook at many customers. During those implementations I tweaked the Runbook a lot and I thought it was time to update the guide accordingly. So I present to you “The Ultimate Golden Image Automation Guide Version 2.0” Some of the changes:  More Automation

Free XenServer VM’s Backup Tool and PowerShell Script!

Recently I wrote a blog about XenServer and Powershell commands this blog was also published on the Citrix Blog site here. With those commands in hand I wanted to create something that can be used by everyone who uses Citrix XenServer. To mind came a PowerShell VM Backup Script (invoke-XenBackup) and a PowerShell Forms GUI tool to also schedule your Backup of XenServer VM’s. The

Scripting Citrix XenServer with PowerShell and Command Line

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about scripting Citrix PVS. In this blog I will show the most popular commands for Citrix XenServer so that you can use them in your Automation Workflow. Because as always; AUTOMATE EVERYTHING! Citrix XenServer is Linux based so in the command line you can use Linux commands like ls-l or mount. But it also has its own command

Automate the creation of an Isolated Test Environment in VMware and XenServer with Ivanti\RES ONE Automation

Ever wanted to test an Active Directory Schema update or an entire chain of applications before and after a major update? You can do this with an Isolated Test Environment. But creating these environments can be time consuming work. So why not automate the creation of it and just schedule it? In this blog I will explain how to do this with RES ONE Automation.