Using Ansible as a Windows Admin with Visual Studio Code, a complete guide!

Ansible is an incredible open source automation tool. And as you might know my motto is Automate Everything! But to do so we need a good automation platform. I often use Ivanti Automation, which is awesome, but what if you want to use an open source automation tool? Then Ansible is the answer. But unlike Ivanti Automation it is not a simple Next-> Next->Finish installation

Create a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure through self-service with Ivanti / RES ONE Identity Director

In this blog I will explain how to setup Ivanti / RES ONE Identity Director to connect to Microsoft Azure. This combo makes it possible for end users to request a new Virtual Machine as a Service, which can be handy and save a lot of time for the system administrator. For example, when a company acquires a new application often it requires new application

Using App-V 5 with Citrix PVS and pre-staging registry (PowerShell and Tool)

Recently while working at a customer I was tasked with creating a solution to make sure that when users login to their Citrix sessions the App-V applications are synced and the registry is staged.  For the users Citrix sessions provisioned XenApp servers are used. This means that after every reboot the PVS cache will be emptied and the system drive will again be as it was

iCloud calendar in Outlook

This blog is a simple manual to add iCloud calendar in Outlook. Recently a customer asked me about it so I decided to make a simple manual and share it here. Go to and login with your iCloud account. Click on Calendar. Click next to the calendar you want to add in Outlook on the share symbol. Check public calendar and click on Email link… At

DFS Design

At a customer I recently had to create a DFS design and then implement it. The customer already had a fileserver and share structure but wanted to start using DFS for replicating and HA. I created an Excel sheet to make an inventory of all the shares and a design for DFS. After that I created a PowerShell script to create the DFS environment. In the Excel