Liquidware ProfileUnity Printer Tools import from Active Directory and RES Workspace

Liquidware ProfileUnity lets you manage which printers users get in their session. This is really handy because users don’t have to find and add printers on the network themselves. And with context aware filters you can make sure they get the correct printer for every situation. But what if you have a lot of printers in your active directory or RES Workspace already and you’re

Using App-V 5 with Citrix PVS and pre-staging registry (PowerShell and Tool)

Recently while working at a customer I was tasked with creating a solution to make sure that when users login to their Citrix sessions the App-V applications are synced and the registry is staged.  For the users Citrix sessions provisioned XenApp servers are used. This means that after every reboot the PVS cache will be emptied and the system drive will again be as it was